Laser 4.7 – World Championship BEL

Laser 4.7 – World Championship BEL

  • 13 July 2017 - 24 July 2017
    10:00 - 19:00

The Laser4.7 World Championship will be held in Nieuwpoort, Belgium, from 16-24 July. Since last years Pre-Worlds Clinic and Laser4.7 regatta coaching program was a great success with Emma Savelon becoming Laser4.7 WORLD CHAMPION and Julia Büsselberg finishing 8th overall., DinghyCoach will organize the 3rd edition of the Laser4.7 Pre-worlds clinic prior to the World Championship, 13 July – 16 July in Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

The goal of this clinic will be to give the competitors the best preparation possible.
During the clinic we will focus on:
– Location analysis
– Racing situations
– Starting
– Boatspeed

Program (provisional, event dates to be confirmed) 2017_bel_alt_logo_sm
13 July: Pre-Worlds clinic day 1
14 July: Pre-Worlds clinic day 2
15 July: Pre-Worlds clinic day 3
16 July: Pre-Worlds clinic day 4
17 July: Registration & Measurement
18 July: Practicerace
19 July: Race day 1
20 July: Race day 2
21 July: Race day 3
22 July: Race day 4
23 July: Race day 5
24 July: Race day 6

Schedule Clinic days
10.00h: Briefing
11.30-15.30h: Watertraining
16.30h: Debriefing

Schedule Regatta days
Briefing: 1,5 hour before 1st start of day
Debriefing: TBA after finishing last race of day

K.Y.C.N. Nieuwpoort, Belgium

Regatta coaching:
We have limited spots available for Regatta coaching during the event as we try to maintain a good coach-to-sailor ratio.

Clinic only €325,- excl. VAT
Clinic + regatta coaching: €795,- excl. VAT